Sunday, August 06, 2006

Airport Wireless

L'Aeroport de Montreal has wireless! I'm sitting here, looking out at the gorgeous blue sky and blogging from the airport, as I wait to fly to the States in about an hour. I'm such a cyber geek right now. I just updated my ipod after importing some new songs to itunes, some of which are very funny (thank you for the CDs my dears), so I'm listening to my ipod, giggling and blogging. I'm wearing my new Montreal Perdu t-shirt (available here). I am such a hipster cliche.

Well, I would be, except that there is a drugged cat sitting in a carrier at my feet, my clothes are covered with cat fur, I haven't brushed my teeth, my hair is a mess and my eyes are red and a little puffy. I sure look put together. Oh well, it's a little late for tears. I guess I can't change my habit patterns.

So far, the move is going as well as could be expected. Saffron was very brave, though it took longer than half an hour for her drugs to kick in and she trembled and shed handfuls when the security guards made me take her out of her case and then forced us to wait several minutes before going through the metal detector. When I put her back in the carrier I could feel her little heart beating hard and fast. Or maybe it was mine. But now she has sleepily snuggled down in the cat bag.

I knew it would be hard to leave Montreal and to leave you (all the "you"s in all the songs, abstract and specific), I knew I would be sad, so I'm just letting it happen, letting it pass through me. I feel things very intensely and I like feeling things intensely even if it hurts. It feels good to feel.