Sunday, December 10, 2006


Good lord, I had no idea tarte tatin was this easy. I used my cast iron skillet.

Everyone is welcome to a virtual bite, with or without creme fraiche.

The tea party was a delight. I relaxed and had a fine time. Could this be the beginning of a new era?

It did help that my guests numbered in the single digits (8). I think I can do tea. Maybe I'll be able to work up to an intimate soiree. Baby steps.


Jonathan said...

I like to think of cast iron as "nature's nonstick" cookware.

calendula said...

You must be fantastic! Not only a professorship somewhere or other fine with brilliant students, but the author of a tarte tatin.

It's not easy; it's hard. But you did it.

muse said...

Calendula, you make me blush. I'm not fantastic, I just seem to be Getting By these days. I have been in a good mood recently, though this is probably due to the semester ending and my impending travel plans.

Jonathan-- I know just what you mean. Unless of course you forget to grease it before putting it away . . . then it's "nature's effing-impossible-to-clean-without-soap cookware."