Monday, April 25, 2011

Returning to the Blog

I'm tickled. I really, really am. A few weeks ago, at an important early modernist conference on the West Coast, more than one person I admire (including the inimitable Bardolph, of the currently catatonic Blogging the Renaissance) said they missed reading my blog. As did Veralinda, in comments on the last entry. I always succumb to flatterers (and I don't mean it in the Renaissance, negative sense).

I've been so busy with the move and with my book I had forgotten about this space. I was also pretending to be trendy and acting like blogs were so ten minutes ago.

But now I find myself back here. Partly because I miss writing in this free, public-yet-intimate way, and partly because I read somewhere that if you stop blogging then blogger deletes your account and everything is lost. So much for posterity!

So I'm back. Still in the South, still finding it quirky, still marveling at life, writing, scholarship and early modern studies. Please stay tuned.