Monday, February 19, 2007

Lagging behind in blogging

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I'm tired. Exhausted, in fact. I've got over 60 students this semester (no, those of you at big research institutions are not allowed to mock me with your laughter-- you don't have to mark 32 "composition" papers every other week, composed by students with little command of English). I'm teaching three days a week, and on the off days I'm required to attend all these job talks, lunches, dinners, and interviews with our job candidates (three searches) as they plough through their campus visits.

Time for my own work, you ask? Ha! The best I can get in is a stolen hour here and there in my office between classes and meeting with students. But it's better than nothing, I suppose.

End of sob story. I'm not asking you to pity me; I'm just explaining why I haven't had much time or energy to blog.

March and April will be full of conferences and a wedding, all in warmer climes. Summer will hopefully follow with trips to London and Montreal, and maybe a move to a new abode -- a craftsman style cottage with a beautiful garden I've been coveting since my friend moved there. Now she's got a job at an Ivy, so the house will be vacant in June. I know my current apartment is no hovel, but it's rather isolated and the place I want is near the Art School and a beautiful park. It's also got a wrap around porch, jewel-toned rooms, and a working fireplace with an original antique iron door (useful against adventurous kitties).


Eusebius said...

The first year is always the most difficult: you will have mastered strategies for teaching that will make next year seem much more straightforward.

The new abode sounds intriguing... Any pictures (subtly disguised to avoid stalkers of course)??

Calendula said...

You have accomplished so much that once you have some practice you'll be able to do the teaching and grading, and still find some half-days to work on your scholarship.

I think your description of your possible new place is fantastic. Are you in a place touched by the bad storm, or are you more fortunate.

The Evil Twin said...

Would be nice to see you, my sweet

muse said...

Yay Evil Twin! Yes I think I can arrange that . . . only one more week of being thirty, enjoy it whilst we can!

e- I'll definitely post photos of the new house once I can if my friend will let me take them (I'm not due to move until June).

C-- The South is a BIG place. I'm nowhere near the gulf coast. I'm closder to mountains and bluegrass and barbeque.