Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poking my Head Up Briefly

I'm buried under a mountain of final papers and exams. Oh, about 90 of them by the end of the semester which is in about two weeks. I also have two students defending their MA theses this week and I only got the theses last week and weekend. When did MA theses become like dissertations? 153 pages, 4 chapters, a scholarly introduction and it will be longer when she adds all the footnotes she's missing. Oy, Gevalt!

Ok, that's enough for now. I must return to my little house built out of papers.


Cleophila said...

Feeling your pain. Feeling it bad.

Just know that somewhere out there, we're all doing it. Shaking our heads at the goofy presentation of quotes. Muttering under our breaths -- hell, swearing out loud -- about underlined poem titles and play titles in quotation marks. Block that quote, block it, INDENT AND BLOCK IT, g*d-d%@##*t!


But every now and then you get a real beaut, and it's just so darn gratifying. Read one today about Milton (PL) and Carew's "The Rapture." (Things that make you go ooh).

Hang in there.

muse said...

Thanks, C. I will! Here's to the nearly-end-of-the-semester.