Tuesday, May 01, 2007

House Love

Yeah, you know you want it. You feel the love. Rooms you want to paint in Benjamin Moore "Evening Sky" and "Incense Stick." Arts and Crafts furniture you want to purchase and place in the rooms. Rose bushes you want to plant outside the bedroom window. Ooh, baby. Feel the house love.

I'm moving there in two months. I sometimes stay awake at night decorating and redecorating the rooms, adding a back patio rose garden and purchasing countless imaginary kilims for the back sunroom at imaginary Ottoman bazaars (don't forget to bring me back some from Turkey, M&D! Just because I can't go to the wedding there doesn't mean I don't deserve kilims!).

Here's an old picture of it from last summer before it was painted (now it's light green with white trim). The previous tenants were landscape designers who practiced in front and on the sides of the house. They ran a little stream through the front like a brook that is really a pump-fountain. I can turn it on if I like. The backyard is huge and hilly and unfinished. I wonder how much it would cost to cover it with daffodils. In the living room there is a working fireplace with the original iron "summer door" which will keep out the drafts and birds and also the cat. I can burn logs there in the winter and roast marshmallows even.

I can't wait.


Hilaire said...

Oh my goodness - how lovely!! This is wonderful - congrats on the score of such a house.

skookumchick said...

It sounds FABULOUS!!! I can't wait for more photos! When do you move in?!?

hd said...

this looks lovely! did you buy it???

muse said...

Thank you ladies!

not bought, rented, alas. But the owner seemed open to entertaining offers after I've lived there for a year, assuming she still likes me. She's "a hoot." She owns a farm and has four horses and invited me to her 'daddy's chicken stew' which is a local thing I had never heard about but evidently it's a big post-halloween event that involves a giant pot, several chickens, several hundred gallons of milk and pounds of butter, and hayrides.

Bardiac said...

Oh, wow, a PORCH! What could be better? It looks so darned inviting!