Friday, January 11, 2008

Little Reminders that What I do is Important

Are you familiar with the blog (and the book it spawned) Postsecret? A bit sensationalist for my taste, but nonetheless compelling. Back in graduate school, I imagined that my dissertation and first book would be about "Renaissance Secrecy." I wrote a whole proposal on it. And then promptly scrapped the idea when I realized that I would rather read about secrets than write about them. Anyway, on Postsecret people create their own postcards revealing their personal secrets and then send them in anonymously to the blog's P.O. box, and some of them show up on the blog every week. This one caught my eye and made me smile.

I'm currently stressing out about the syllabus for the graduate course I begin teaching on Wednesday, and fretting too much about having to drag my Could-Not-Be-Less-Interested arse to the two sections of comp I'm also obligated to teach this semester. I have exactly the same number of students as last semester (a petite 40), but I'm teaching 3 days a week. Ugh. I wish spring would come soon. Anyway, I need little reminders like this one to keep me going. We all do.

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