Sunday, March 02, 2008

3/2, 32

It's my birthday today, so I get to sleep late and spend the day in my pajamas. It's also Saffron's birthday, and she has been playing around in the wrapping paper from the presents my parents sent us both. Right now she's fallen asleep in the Neiman Marcus box under about six layers of tissue paper, but her tail is hanging out over the side.

What kind of birthday is it when the date of your birthday (read in the US format) mirrors your age? It's not a golden birthday, is it? That would have been when I was two, right? Or is it? In any case, I've been told that 32 is an auspicious number in Chinese numerology and in Jewish mysticism (22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet plus the 10 divine attributes).

I'm feeling much less frustrated and depressed today. I've gotten a lot more writing done and funding applications out, plus had a very successful first meeting of the interdisciplinary early modern reading group I created with a friend at a neighboring university.

And it's warm! One lovely thing about living in the south is that it can be 60 degrees on March 2, with crocuses and daffodils and flowering quinces outside. We have a long, slow spring here though, so none of my dogwoods has started to blossom, nor has the plum or the weeping cherry in the backyard. But the two forsythias in the side yard have little yellow buds on them so I'm hoping they'll bloom in the next week or so.

I kind of overdid it this weekend- I invited a bunch of people over for a party last night, but since I'm teaching 3 classes 3 days a week plus everything else, I didn't get to the shopping and cleaning until Friday night and got to bed at 2am. Then yesterday I finished up the cleaning and did all the cooking and prep work but by the time people started arriving at 9, I could barely stand up. I did have a wonderful, blissful time and was totally un self-conscious which was actually a really great feeling. Two of my closest friends stayed until one, and insisted on ringing in my birthday with me at midnight.

Now I understand why no one throws parties until the end of the semester. I slept late this morning, but I feel as if I've just run a marathon! It's a good feeling, but I'll need the rest of the day to recuperate before I can begin prepping for tomorrow's three classes. I guess you could say I finally feel like a grown-up, if being a grown-up means feeling really, really, really tired.


Flavia said...

Happy 32rd, Muse! And what: 6th, to Saffron?

(And I so relate to feeling tired all the time--it's such a drag when fun times crash up agains the demands of the less-fun.)

A Wisconsin Yankee in King David's Court said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Muse! I had no idea you shared my fascination with gematria. :-)

Hilaire said...

Happy Birthday!!

Do you and Saffron really share a birthday?? You clearly are meant for each other...

muse said...

Thanks for the well wishes and yes, S and I really do share a birthday. That is, I know she was born in very early March, because she was about eight weeks old when I first saw her and that was May 4, 2002.

Speaking of kitties and gematria, have I got a story for you! My colleague's purebred Egyptian Mau also shares her birthday. She knows this because she found him as a kitten all abandoned and desperately looking for a home. It then transpired that he had belonged to her neighbor who was unable to keep him.

When she phoned the neighbor to ask for information on the cat, she found out they shared a birthday, and that the cat she had been calling "Léon" was officially named "Moses" by the breeder. Her little abandoned Egyptian kitty was named Moses! And now the kitty's full name is, of course, "Moses de Léon."

They are so clearly meant for one another.

AP said...

The story of Moses the kitty is priceless on so many levels!
Happy very belated birthday, Muse!