Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gun-totin' Obama Guy

I haven't posted here in a while- things are very busy for me this semester. I have lots of essays and grant applications due, as my last post intimated. And when I'm not trying to make these deadlines, I've got talks to write, search committee work, papers to grade, and volunteering to do. So my plate is full. I miss sleeping late- I did that this morning for the first time in two weeks. It was luxurious. But I felt guilty afterwards.

Yesterday I went out canvassing to a diverse, poor, working-class neighborhood north of the city. I only registered one person to vote, but I did meet a very pro-gun Republican who emphatically announced that he and his whole family would be voting for Obama this time around. His rationale was strange, so I'm repeating it here. First he quoted Bill Maher, calling the Republicans "Daddies" and Democrats "Mommies." He said that he felt Republicans were better for the country in times of stability, but that Democrats were better at "cleaning up the mess." (I guess that's what he thinks "mommies" do). He said he believed we need at least 12 more years of Democrats in the white house before it will be stable and safe enough for the Republicans to take over. To me, this sounds like he thinks Republicans are pretty incompetent over all. But I didn't say anything. Can anyone explain this logic to me?


Hilaire said...

Wow. I don't really have any insight. Just -- that's really actually quite creepy. Yuck.

Flavia said...

I think this feeling is actually quite common among Republicans (minus the weird "Daddy" and "Mommy" lingo)--that their party has gone seriously off-track, and is no longer about small government, fiscal responsibility, etc., and that at this point the Democrats seem better stewards of the country.

I agree that it's curious if he thinks Democrats are always better at cleaning up messes, but I know several Republicans personally--and have encountered many others in the blogosphere or the commentariat--who have looked at the past 20 years and concluded that Democratic presidents have actually better served what they see as "real" conservative values than Republican ones.

And good on you for canvassing! You're in a state where it might really make a difference.

Renaissance Girl said...

I am so impressed that you are giving your (precious, rare) spare time to this campaign. Three cheers for you.

Pamphilia said...

Thanks for the support! RG, it's not a whole lot of time I'm losing because truthfully there's not a lot else to do on Saturdays around here. I can go to the farmer's market in the morning for my blue eggs and flowers, head to Obama headquarters at 11 for a good solid 3 hours canvassing. Then over to the local coffee-house/art gallery/bar/yoga studio/wifi hotspot for some serious grading and writing, and call it a day.

But this is the first time in decades that my state might go blue, so it's really exciting. Even if it means talking to weirdos.

A Wisconsin Yankee in King David's Court said...

Yay Pamphilia! That's great that you were canvassing. I don't have any insight into Gun-totin' Obama Guy either, though it sounds like George Lakoff might. I did a Labor Walk today in Wisconsin, talking to fellow union members about why Obama is the best candidate for working families. I talked to one union member who was Christian, anti-abortion, and pro-gun. Must be a McCain supporter, right? Nope. Undecided, mainly because of his rising concern about the nosediving economy. The GOP has controlled the White House for the last 8 years and the Congress for 6 of the last 8 years, I gently reminded him. How's that working for you?