Monday, February 09, 2009

Peanut Butter- or Something Else?

I've been browsing the FDA website listing the vast number of peanut butter products affected by the Blakley, Georgia processing plant salmonella re-call. The highest number of products containing peanut products from the factory is candy.

Candy that bears a strange resemblence, nominally, at least, to something else, and I quote from the list:

Bear Poop
Bear Scat
Buffalo Chips
Chicken Coop Poop
Cow Patties
Cow Pies
Deer Droppings
Moose Droppings
Osprey Poop
Prairie Dog Pebbles

I think these packages of chocolate coated peanuts are widely available in airport gift-shops, packaged as local "delicacies." Seriously, though- Osprey Poop?!

Why name confectionary after animal droppings? Is this perhaps the ironic, post-history of early modern fewmets? Coincidence? You decide.

Oh, and I have to include the names of some other peanut candies, just because they seem pretty funny to me:

Crew Rations
Torn Ranch

The full list is available here:


Bardiac said...

When I went to Nara (Japan), a city famous for its Buddhist temples and for having been the capital in the 700s (err, I think), and also famous for the sacred deer associated with the temples, I took some "deer dropping" cookie things back to my class. :)

Pamphilia said...

Wait, they even have them in Japan? Or are they real, like Kopi Luak (civet coffee)?

Bardiac said...

These were sort of roundish chocolate cookie things. There's a tradition there that when you go on a visit, you get a special food treat to take back to friends/co-workers, and such, so these were one of the possible choices.