Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Paycheck On Leave

30% of my half-pay has been withheld in taxes. I now make less per year than I did as a postdoc in Canada.


Back to grant applications for the spring.


Flavia said...

30% on top of your regular withholdings? If my math is correct, that means you're attempting to live for an entire year on 35% of your regular income.

But at least you have a garden to feed you!

Pamphilia said...

No, not 30% on top, just 30% total. Which seems a bit too high a deduction to me. I'm normally in the 30 to 35% bracket, but on half pay, my taxable income will be in the 15% bracket. I guess I'll have to meet with the HR lady tomorrow to straighten this out. Or wait until April for a refund!