Friday, April 25, 2008

The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring (tra la)

Well one thing I sacrificed this week was my health and well-being. I had returned to God's Country (the town where I grew up, which is also Capitol City and State U), to celebrate Passover with my parents and our family friends this past weekend. All of us had a wonderful time, seeing old friends and making new ones. Then, on monday, my mother fell sick. And I mean really, hideously, wretchedly, violently sick. And I took care of her, which was actually fun because she was so grateful and because I was putting off grading lower-division papers and yes I would rather clean vomit off the car than face another dangling participle. Then, after her fever broke and she seemed reasonably on the mend, I flew home. And of course the next day I fell ill (note to self: do not clean vomit off the car. Grade your papers instead). And the day after that, my dad fell ill. And the day after that . . . well, his secretary who also happens to be my massage therapist will have to confirm whether or not she fell ill, but the odds are fairly high that she did.

I'm finally feeling much better today, even nibbling on apple slices and hardboiled egg, after sleeping all day yesterday and literally letting my colleagues push me out of the office and cancel my third class on Wednesday when they noticed I was shivering in a pantsuit and down jacket, when it was 78 and sunny.

Anyway, that was my weekend and my week. And despite all this, I got those papers graded and returned to my students. I also paid my bills, straightened up my house, did 3 loads of laundry, got new car insurance, finally got renter's insurance, secured a flat to rent in London, and (possibly) found a student house-sitter for the summer. And suddently this is all making me feel a bit like a rockstar. Just because it felt impossible two days ago when I couldn't sit up.


skookumchick said...

Oh pamphilia, so so sorry about how sick you all have been! :-( Well done for getting stuff done anyway - I wish I could do that. Instead, I've been sitting on the couch watching tv for 2.5 hrs while my head has been throbbing. :-(

Also, were we in God's Country at the same time?

Pamphilia said...

Oh no, did I miss you?? How awful! And I was walking the dog past your parents' house and thinking about you too! We'll have to coordinate better next time.

The sick stuff wasn't fun but I still think it was important to go through because, kinne hura, I and my parents hadn't been sick in this way in a long time, and it taught me that a) you do get better and b) you really can't work while you're sick. I hope your head feels better! If you have what we had, it'll be over in 48-60 hours. I think it's the norovirus.

A Wisconsin Yankee in King David's Court said...

So sorry to hear that the plagues visited upon the Egyptians were contagious this year, but mightily impressed by your Stakhanovite productivity in spite of it all. Five Year Plan in four years! Just so long as it's free labor and not the hard sort that Pharaoh imposed. Yasher koach. :-)