Thursday, April 10, 2008


Whee- I'm going to London this July. It's just dawned on me, that this is a wonderful, good thing. I'm really going just to have a change of scenery in which to finish my book, but since my summer starts in May and I hope to get a fair amount of writing done in May and June, I might also actually have time for some fun in London as well as long days at the BL. Anyway, I was disappointed to find that the little B&B where I'd stayed last year was all booked up. So instead I booked one a couple of houses down on the same street that actually sounds much better- same tiny rooms, Georgian Terrace, garden in the back, free wireless, but this one also has a shared kitchen and fridge for guests, which is totally necessary given the high exchange rate and the fact that my funding doesn't reimburse for food.

I'm just starting to get excited again. If you'll be there too, let me know. We'll go for a drink. Or else don't tell me, and we'll bump into one another on the 4th floor of the BL and it will be fun.


A Wisconsin Yankee in King David's Court said...

That IS wonderful and good! Sounds like "great fun," as they might say in Londontown. (I had a philosophy professor who used to ask, Is there any other kind of fun?) Just beware of those baggage handlers at LHR. :-) Maybe A. and I, perennial Wandering Jews that we are, can visit London for a weekend this summer and come see you. From TA it shouldn't be too expensive, and (though I'm embarrassed to admit it) I've never seen any part of London except for the airport. I'll let you know. להתראות

P.S. Nice virtual tour of Chez Muse on April 1, but I couldn't figure out which part is the April Fools gag. !-)

muse said...

Ooh, yes do think about coming for a visit- it would be great to see you both again- I'll miss you two at Passover (and so will everyone else including Ivy) next week. But we aren't doing a seder, which means my mother can finally relax.

Hmm, I think I forgot about April fools day this year- I was too busy worrying about taxes and publications.