Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Mascot

The Freudian Petticoat has a new mascot:

That's right, a Bobble-head Freud, who came to me all the way from New York, a surprise gift from a dear friend. Although I'm sure Southern culture would perplex him to no end, Freud isn't staying in the South- he's coming with me to Turkey and Israel, because I think it would be funny to photograph him scowling in front of various exotic backdrops. Maybe I'll even smuggle him into the Kotel tunnels! Watch this space for his thrilling adventures.


Bardiac said...

I have a friend who carries a stuffed bear for exactly that purpose, except it doesn't scowl. It's in a lot of pictures, though, and loads of fun!

Have a great trip!

Pamphilia said...

So glad I'm not alone, B! After I posted this I thought people might find it kind of twee, since the same thing was done with a garden gnome in the film Amelie, which is a bit of a cliché of cuteness already.

But I got the idea because Nodding Freud is scowling and I thought it would add a layer or two of meaning for him to be scowling his psychoanalytic disapproval in front of some sort of monument.

Renaissance Girl said...

Love it. Lots of fun, and potential emergency therapist too. A good travel-companion.

I once traveled through Ireland with a small green plastic sheep, given to me by a friend before my departure with a demand for sheep-photographs in Grand Locations.

sarahsouth said...

happy travels! take lots o photos!

Pamphilia said...

I will, sarahsouth! But alas, not until July- family stuff has delayed the trip a month. So Freud will have to put up with Wisconsin and NC a little while longer.