Monday, May 04, 2009

Weird . . .

So I get alerts now from certain sites I'm registered with (like when people google my real name. It's ordinarily just business stuff- they're looking for someone else with my name, or they're looking me up because they lost my e-mail.

But this one site sends me an e-mail any time someone googles me with the search terms entered. And just today someone entered "my real name + blog." And apparently someone entered multiple search terms related to my name at 5:30am yesterday.

Should I be flattered, or . . . ? I'm not sure I like knowing that people are searching for me in this way. I mean, we all google people we're curious about. But no one should know that everyone is doing it for real. Suddenly it's creepy!


Jonathan said...


I have a "log" on sterneworks that tracks all visits to my site--bots and people, so I get all sorts of weird stuff in there. Maybe it's just an old friend who knows you have a blog but can't remember the name. Or maybe it's a stalker. But probably it was just someone looking for your blog and not finding it, they tried some other terms. It's what I would do, regardless of time of day.

Pamphilia said...

Nice to see you Jonathan! And you're probably right, I shouldn't worry. I can't imagine anyone would have a reason to stalk me!