Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Views

Here are some early views of my apartment.

First, on the left is the the vast living room, sans couch, which will be arriving between October and November. Not pictured: three Billy bookcases, almost full of books and cds, and the window on the other side of the fireplace. If you look closely, you can see the museum plexiglass in the fireplace. My landlord had it installed after the cat in the chimney incident. It reminds me of those museum pieces that beep if you get too close.

Next, you may peruse the almost empty dining room. I think I need a bigger table and definitely more chairs. I'm still waiting for my giant cuban movie posters to arrive, and I've got to get a frame for my Metropolis poster too.

Finally, we have the messy bedroom. Three windows but precious little light, as they all face North, and there are only patches of sky in the tree-filled back yard. The bed is unmade because Saffron is curled up under the quilt at the bottom and I did not wish to disturb her.

Not pictured: kitchen, front hall, breakfast nook, study. All too ugly and unfinished for your eyes as of yet.


Pantagruelle said...

Damn! Very nice! I love the living room. And the old-fashioned radiators throughout all look very cool indeed. I guess the life of an assistant prof has some very nice perks in terms of (finally!!!) getting to settle down somewhere and make a home! Yay for you for finding somewhere so nice!

Common Smartweed said...

So gorgeous! While you're waiting for the couch, wanna answer the questions about books my friend Jack tagged me with? They're on my blog.

Your windows are the best part. Marvelous.

muse said...

Yes C I desperately do want to answer the bookish questions. Trouble is, I've been thinking about them and changing my answers all day long. Once I finally make up my mind I will indeed post on that very subject!

And P, yes settling down is very nice and comforting, if a little lonely. I feel very domestic all of a sudden though. I want to bake and cook all day and pot up plants and things. Unfortunately starting Thu. I won't have time!