Saturday, August 19, 2006

George and Ira Gershwin were Effing Brilliant

Here's why:

The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No, no they can't take that away from me

The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off key
The way you haunt my dreams
No, no they can't take that away from me

We may never never meet again
On the bumpy road to love
Still I'll always always keep the memory of

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you've changed my life
No no they can't take that away from me
They can't take that away from me


Florestan said...

Or better still:

Honestly, I thought you wouldn't.
Naturally, you thought you couldn't.
And probably we shouldn't.
But aren't you kind of glad we did?

Actually, it all was blameless.
Nevertheless, they'll call it shameless
So let's keep the lady nameless
But aren't you kind of glad we did?

Socially, I'll be an outcast
Obviously, we dined alone
On my good name there will be doubt cast
With never a sign of any chaperone.

No matter how they may construe it
Whether or not, we have to rue it
Whatever made us do it
Say, aren't you kind of glad we did?

muse said...

Hmmm, that one is definitely brilliant, but I'm not so sure it's *fucking* brilliant. And it doesn't have exactly the same sentiment as the one I posted. But let's just call it pretty damn brilliant and leave it at that.

Notice I didn't post a Cole Porter because although his lyrics are wittier they are also more brutally misanthropic (cf. "It's all right with me," "just one of those things," etc)

JMai said...

Made even better by the gravelly rasp of Louis Armstrong accented by the sweet, clear voice of Ella Fitzgerald.

I love that you used cf. in your blog parenthetical. Seriously.

muse said...

ooh yes, definitely Louis and Ella.

But my favorite interpreter has got to be Fred Astaire.

Ha! I didn't even notice I used c.f.-- I guess now I've been outed as a serious academic! Yup, I use cf on students papers too . . .