Monday, October 16, 2006

Où est Charlie?

When I lived in Montreal not so long ago, I kept seeing these odd Where's Waldo posters in the Métro, only in French they bore a large silhouette of Waldo and the subtitle Où est Charlie? Which is very funny because without the aliteration and the busy scene hiding the tiny guy in the striped shirt, Where's Waldo completely loses what weak appeal it may have held. (As a toddler I much preferred Anno's Counting Book: Yes even at 2 I was a literary snob).

Nevertheless, I've been having several Où est Charlie moments over the past few days. I wake up and I can't find the cat. Or else I'll be sitting on the couch marking papers and the cat has disappeared. I call for her in every room, check at the bottom of the stairwell, peek in all the closets, search behind the plants, prod the plexiglass in the fireplace. And while I'm doing this she wanders silently and sleepily into the living room so I can't really tell where she's come from.

This evening I figured it out. Here's proof. Où est Saffron? You can hide, but you can't hide.


Hilaire said...

Good lord - that's alarming!

muse said...

Oh, I didn't mean it to sound that way. I think it's cute that she likes to play hide and seek, and likes to hang out so close to the ceiling.

Hilaire said...

Oh, no, it's super-cute. It's just amazing how high she's a little scary-looking to one who does not possess the jumping-and-landing skills of the cat!

muse said...

Oh, that's true. I guess I've started to take the kitty's jumping prowess for granted. Missing in the picture is the rather high counter, which explains how she got onto the fridge.