Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Philip Glass, Eat Your Heart Out

This poor kitten is forced to toil day and night composing music for psychological thrillers, getting none of the credit. Really. It's true.

I know this post may not stimulate your intellect, but I'm thoroughly exhausted after a long day of teaching, meeting with students, and discussing Dr. Faustus over dinner with graduate students. Which was lovely, actually, but I'm Really Tirednow.

Sometimes at the end of the day you just need to look at a cat on a synthesizer and Nothing Else Will Do.

Yes, I do realize that to some of you my work seems a bit like that kitten's on that synthesizer. On good days it seems so to me too. Like the amazing day I wrote about recently when my student did all of this investigative archival work on her own. I just sat and yawned and stretched and all this interesting discussion and material came gushing forth from my students.

I'm ready for my bowl of milk now.

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