Thursday, May 18, 2006

Black Toilet Paper

An article in today's Times (photograph by Lars Klove at left) proclaimed the trendy status of black toilet paper. It's so funny that I had to post a link to the Portuguese company that sells it. They also sell it in red and orange, though I can't imagine why. Why not emerald green, lavender, and electric blue? Why not polka dot?

The whimsical website's all in French, though you can switch to English, Spanish or Portuguese at the bottom. But French seems fitting (more avant garde, perhaps?). The product literature is tellement amusant:

"Un papier hygiénique totalement noir! Renova a osé … pour vous."

("A completely black toilet paper! Renova has dared [to make it] . . . for you.")

A set of 6 of rolls will set you back about 5 Euros. Black mouchoirs (Kleenex) are also available.

Renova Online

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