Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The last person on earth not to have read "The Da Vinci Code"

Am I possibly the last person on earth not to have read The Da Vinci Code? Perhaps there is a small coterie of us who will continue to resist until The Da Vinci Code has been eroded by the sands of time.

I have no problem reading bestsellers. I read The Rule of Four. I read Everything is Illuminated. I read The Piano Tuner, and I read The Corrections. I eagerly devoured His Dark Materials and all the Harry Potter books.

But I have a major objection to The Da Vinci Code. One that prohibits me from even picking it up. And this probably is me being pretentious, but why on earth is it called the Da Vinci code? Only ignoramuses call Leonardo da Vinci "Da Vinci." That would be like calling Michelangelo "Buonarotti," or Raphael "Santi" or "da Urbino." It's Leonardo, dammit.

A.O. Scott has a very funny review of the Ron Howard movie in the New York Times, here:
Da Vinci Code Movie Review

Ah well. I can't stay angry for long at Dan Brown or popular culture. Not when the Adagietto from Mahler 5 is on the radio.


Jen said...

I haven't read it either, so you're not alone!

By the way, why do all the "s" in your titles come out as "/"? Is it the Muse code?

muse said...

Hi jen! The S's should come out as early modern S's-- it's not "muse code," it's the Roman Antique font. But I guess if you don't have that font on your computer, the s's look funny. Hmmm. Maybe I should change it to Casablanca Antique. But I'm in love with the early modern "s", so it's a hard decision to make.

Do the titles look like early modern typeface (slightly eroded, with funny s) to you, or do they look modern?

muse said...

Ok, so I changed the early modern "s" (which appears as a \ if you don't have my Sweet Roman Antique Font) to a modern "s" to prevent further confusion.

But I wish the roman antique font showed up, it's really cool!

Jen said...

I installed the font, but now I can't tell what the long s would look like if you say that you've changed it, but the new font is definitely very cool--well, cool in that way that we nerds appreciate cool!

Jen said...

And on the subject of nerdy cool, I absolutely love the "tempus fugit" tag for the archives! :-)))