Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Goodies from Uzbekistan

Suzanis, Kilims, and Ikats: Oh My! I want them. They are beautiful and colorful and look good just about anywhere- hanging over a sofa, draped across a bed, or a large expanse of ugly 1970s fake wood paneling. I'm very excited because I found a whole bunch of really cheap suzanis, gorgeous textiles that I can actually afford, where else but on ebay (those who know me, know I am a little ebay obsessed). Anyway, I had a vision of my sad little fake wood entryway adorned with colorful suzanis and ornamented along the top with tribal tent borders.

Pictured is a rather more expensive Suzani textile. It's a giant wall or tent hanging, big enough to be a king-sized bedspread. This sort of Suzani would usually sell for about $450, but it's only $99 on ebay. Which, given the fact that it is totally hand embroidered and a near perfect mid-century antique, makes it practically a steal.

And wouldn't Suzani and Ikat be great names for cats?

I think I've got Domestication Fever. Because all I can think about are new couches, kilims, suzanis, and new cats, and where I would put them in my new apartment. So much so that I can't sleep.

I wonder if the early modern English imported Ikats and Suzanis from Central Asia. I wonder if they studied some of the patterns and embroidery techniques. I wonder if the twisting tulips of 17th century crewelwork owed something to Central Asian tribal designs. I wonder if I could get a grant to go to central asia, buy lots of Suzanis and find out.

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