Sunday, July 23, 2006

Existentialism is the New Consumerism

Scene: five people, two near 30, 3 closer to 40, discussing age and their parents' "baby boom" generation at a party in a garden.

Woman 1: I recently turned 30 but I feel a lot younger being at the beginning of a decade than at the end of one. I like being at the beginning of my 30s.

(some sage nodding and smiling).

Woman 2 (wittily): Well you know what they say . . . 30 is the new 20. My parents are freaking out about turning 60 but they're Boomers, so 60 is really the new 50. Retirees are the new youth culture . . .

Woman 3: (picking up on the progression) . . . Dead is the new Alive.

This completely cracked me up. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, thought of that comment and burst out laughing again. Maybe it's just me.


mcw nyc said...

You've got it. Down if the new up.

By the way, I'm 51...spiritually I feel 15, mentally I feel 30 (except when I can't remember my name) and physically I feel 12 (except when my knee is killing me.)

I'm glad I was young when I was, but so should everybody.

Let's hope war IS NOT the new peace.

muse said...

That's kind of funny because just the other night we were going over the various "wars on ____" declared by Republican presidents and their wives. You know, the war on drugs, the war on terror, etc. And I wondered whether the next headline would flash "Bush declares war on war."