Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Southern Slowness: Should I be Worried?

Well, it's been six days since I filled out an application for the apartment and shook hands with the landlord, and four since I've been home in Montreal.

I still have not signed a lease or handed over a deposit check. But the landlord seems to like to do things in his own time, and said not to worry, he'd be in touch, we'd talk about the lease, all would be well.

But of course I'm starting to worry because I left without signing anything, and my move-in date is slated for about a month from now. I have left him two messages on his office phone, plus one e-mail. No response. I don't know whether to think he is MIA, or just sitting on his back porch drinking some absurdly sweet iced tea. I still need to hire movers, set up electricity and telephone service, and change my address. I can't do any of this until I know for sure whether the apartment is mine, and that won't happen until I sign the lease.

Right about now, I would be tearing out my hair, hyperventilating, and throwing random tantrums. But I'm told that everything might be ok: it's just an example of something called "Southern Slowness." Things operate at a slower, more relaxed pace down south. Especially in a large town/small city like where I am headed.

Or so they tell me. I'm trying not to wring my hands.

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